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Well I’m sorry but I’m going to be dropping and deactivating Ivan’s account. It’s hard for me to be on Julia enough and I don’t have the time or luster to still go on Ivan’s account.

I’m sorryDx I love this roleplay and all the memories playing Ivan has given me.

▀ (1) magician-cinnamon raised their hand and asked, "Don't beat Dirk up....okay?"

I wouldn’t dream of it. /huff/

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That gif. With that screen shot. I was crying. Oh my god.

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He thought he could pull this act on her? Candy always did this to her so she wouldn’t worry. Cinnamon looked up at Ivan raising an eyebrow. “Ivan no matter how you try to mask yourself, I can still tell. No tell me whats can trust me.

Ivan finally broke. He could feel all the stress about everything finally bursting from his lips, “Well I had this *ahem* adult relationship with one of my students mothers for a while and when I began dating Gretel I broke it off. She didn’t quite like that so she kept making advances. After straight out telling her I wanted nothing to do with her she had somewhat of a break down. Now she’s telling everyone she was sleeping with me because she thought I would fail her son. Now the school board has me on  a ‘temporal leave’ and I’m facing charges in court, as well as having my professional record ruined!” he took several deep breaths, trying to calm his nerves.

magician-cinnamon replied to your postmagician-cinnamon replied to your post: Ivan! I… Cinnamon picked up that something wasn’t quite fine right away. “We’re fine….but I’m more concerned about you at the moment.” Cinnamon put her arm on her hip. “What’s wrong Ivan…..really? “ Cinnamon was always quick to notice things,Ivan thought to himself. “Cinnamon, I’m fine. Nothing is wrong~” he said again, attempting to sound positive.

magician-cinnamon replied to your postIvan! I haven’t seen you in a while. Dirk says that you’ve been caught up in teaching your students. The same goes to you, I’ve missed not seeing you. But of course! We both understand completely. Problems with a parent….? Ivan sighed, running his fingers through his hair. “Oh it’s nothing to worry about!” he said putting on a smile. “Anyways, how are you and Dirk getting along?”

Finally home

Ivan sighed, a bottle of brandy in one hand and a shot glass in the other. Sitting down in the dark kitchen, he let his head hit the table. “What am I going to do?” he groaned, at the school he was currently working at he was practically going to lose his job and have his reputation ruined! “Goddamn that woman. Goddamn that lying woman!” he said slamming the bottle on the table. Ivan sighed glad Dirk wasn’t home. Quietly he put down both the half empty bottle and the glass, lowering his face into his hands he sat there, time only measured by the clicking hands of the clock above the oven.